Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things to Adore!

Love all these rooms...Love all these homemade pieces....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Favorite Beauty Products of all time....



By: Kate
Available @ Nordstroms and Sephora.
Its a splurge but your skin will NEVER LOOK BETTER!
I promise! It truly will always be my one MUST have product. YOU literally have new skin and im not lying. Once a week about the size of a pea apply in circular motions leave on 40 seconds.
SMELLS amazing Has pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, and cinnamon.
go Buy it you wont regret it.
My Tube Usually lasts me About 6 months, Doing 1 Treatment a week!
Be Sure to Apply your Favorite Moisturizer After!


Tinted Moisturizer
By: Laura Mercier
Available @
Nordstrom and Sephora.
This is the best product for everyday! I love it! Ive never liked my complexion this much! I love how i have the perfect complexion but i dont look like im wearing 10 Pounds of makeup! Its amazing people actual
ly say " wow you have beautiful skin..."
and not..."wow i love your makeup.." eww. I love th
is product and it lasts longer then foundation because you are getting a lot more in the tube! DOUBLE BONUS! Especially fantastic for Summer! Comes in Original, Oil- Free, and Illuminating which if you know me the Illuminating is my favorite!

Awsome LASHES...

Studio Fix Lash
Available @:
Nordstom, and MAC stores.

This mascara is amazing and it really combs out the Lashes! I love how bold the Lashes look but i have to admit nothing looks as amazing if you dont use this
Not just any eyelash curler this eyelash curler its THE BEST $15.00 IVE EVER SPENT...

If you need a product for under 20 bucks
to change your life buy this...

EyeLash Curler
By:Laura Mercier
Available @ Nordstrom.

Pretty Pouty Lips...

Buxom Lip Gloss
By: Bare Minerals
Available @ Sephora,
and Bare Essentials
Tingly great gloss and the best thing...NOT STICKY! i love it i wear "Trixie" all the time and it gives me color but its just a gloss! I love the way it tingles and makes my lips feel hydrated...Good Find!

These are a few of my ABSOLUTE favorite Finds! Ive tried everything and i have my favorites from each line but im all about what works best for my skin and for My WALLET! and yeah that 250.00 cream is To die for but i dont got 250.00 laying around for my face cream! These are amazing! and i would recommend them to anyone!

"There's no better Investment then your Face..."

Xoxo. Colee!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Toms Day...

So for Easter my momma gave me these little gems and i must say im quite addicted and i found out in June they will be coming out with these in ALOT of Glitter Colors! RUBY RED is on the top of my list!

I got the black from my mom cause lets get REAL its a staple....

Ive gotten so many letters from lance this past week some highlights...
Today i got one saying...
"Happy Easter, Tomorrow im going to go into the Gas Chamber and get Gassed im really excited..."- If you know lance he is serious.
He also talks about how much he LOVES nightwatch and his new shinny GUN which he Named "HOPE" (he drew a picture of it in his last letter)
In one letter TUT was WEARING THE GUN.
He thinks he looks Like a Bad ASS in his Uniform.
"The food is not half bad, but you have to ge
t in down in 7 minutes or less..."
they gave him easter candy at church but in every single letter there are 3 things he says in every-single one...

1. i cant wait to shoot my gun in ___ days.
2. Please take care of my dog.
3. I love you.

Those are the highlights of my day every time i open one!
So Grateful to have him in my life!

I booked my ticket to go to his graduation on June 23rd !
This is so exciting and i cannot
Tut went on a walk tonight and he has been out of breath ever since we only went a mile and a half and he literally came home and passed out on the front lawn he could not even make it to the front door.. were going to need to work on that. But besides that Oh my goodness theres no better place to take a walk but LA no better place at all. Perfect Weather, Beautiful flowers, and Beautiful Houses to look at. Bias Opinion i know oh well.
I also went out this week and saw Madea's Big Happy Family...
Just so you all know...Really Funny, Like FUNNY...


"you can get almost any question answered from a beatles song..."

p.s. Im sewing up a storm...
look for updates to what ive made later this week.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A NIght With Cat and Cody...Omg that sOunds liKE a DISNEY show I Once Watched!

Tonight i went to the Monrovia Street Fair with Cat and Cody and then to....SCREAM 4!!
OMG this movie was out of control! For those of u that have seen it WOW! It was like blow your mind what is going oN!!!!!!!

WEll First we Ate AN AMAZINg Sandwich and then We bought an Awesome Purple HAt for... GRandma Sally!

But the Verdict is that ScreaM 4 is Out of Control But overAll Kept You on THE seat of your PantS! Go See IT!

CODY WEARing the Hat!

But the BEST PART of my Day was Getting This little GEM in the Mail today....
I Get a letter addressed from the like what is this? Its the Branch in Missouri Sending me A Letter Letting Me Know Lance Came to Church and He is Safe and theY are taking care of Him! And they Let Him Write Me a Letter and They took his picture to Mail to me! I WaS EXACT-IC! i miss him SOOOO much But the First thIng He Wrote was " Im @ My FIrst week of Church out HEre and THey are taking Great Care of Me and the people Here @ the Branch are really Nice!!!!!" I Honestly was taking tut to the BAThroom and i Started to Ball right Outside on the POrch! I am so glad That someone is Watching Over Him WHen Im NOt there and it giVes him Some Comfort to KNow He Has Some "famIly" there! AND LOok How CuTE He IS!

WEll Lets Get StaRted On Easter Bring ON The EgGs...

ButtEr and toAst...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A lot has Happened since we last spoke...

Sorry Guys my life went like a tornado...i feel like i have whiplash...

FIRST PIECE OF EXCITING NEWS if you didnt already know...
Yes Lance Joined the Army and he is in boot camp right now in LynWood, Missouri!
His graduation will be @ the end of June and w
e all excited to be going to that!
He will then go to Gordon, Georgia to complete his job training and we will move wherever he tells us tooo! (super excited for this day to come!)

SECONDLY TUT and I are Living in the Beautiful Sunny State of CALIFORNIA once again and i am so GLAd i do not have to Face this torment of being away from Lance Alone... and tut hes enjoying all the evening snacks from Grandma Card...

THIRD! Im working @ Nordstrom Santa Anita as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier and i love it...Nordys TOTALLY Different world i mean could not be any more oposite end of the planet and Harder i might add but so rewarding! So HappY!

Fourth...Working on Having a Baby...Loosing Weight Eating Fresh and Getting Ready for that next Step in our Live
s! Work it ouT! Im already Surprised every time i step on that scale!

Thats a Lot of NewNESS going on in our lives but we are so happy and totally moving in a different direction and i could not be happier...Being away from lance Makes me once again fall in love with lance all over again...and makes me feel like
I MARRIED THE BEST GUY IN THE WORLD! So Proud of him! So Proud of TUT ( He is really having a super hard tim
e...) So Proud of me... i have not totally lost it yet...besides the Occasional breakdown time and again...

The HARDEST part is not being able to talk to him EVER! Man that sucks! During boot camp there is NO COMMUNICATION! No PHONES, NO INTERNET, NO NOTHING but written letters and let me tell you they take too long to get here! BUt if we can do this we can do ANYTHING!

Love you PEACHES!
I promise im going to post REGULARLY Again..NOW!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

in paris they call them "dressing rooms" i call them heaven...

its so hard not to smile...
envy is it?

i just say make a room out of it...
lets get real its life...
xoxo colee!