Friday, April 22, 2011

A NIght With Cat and Cody...Omg that sOunds liKE a DISNEY show I Once Watched!

Tonight i went to the Monrovia Street Fair with Cat and Cody and then to....SCREAM 4!!
OMG this movie was out of control! For those of u that have seen it WOW! It was like blow your mind what is going oN!!!!!!!

WEll First we Ate AN AMAZINg Sandwich and then We bought an Awesome Purple HAt for... GRandma Sally!

But the Verdict is that ScreaM 4 is Out of Control But overAll Kept You on THE seat of your PantS! Go See IT!

CODY WEARing the Hat!

But the BEST PART of my Day was Getting This little GEM in the Mail today....
I Get a letter addressed from the like what is this? Its the Branch in Missouri Sending me A Letter Letting Me Know Lance Came to Church and He is Safe and theY are taking care of Him! And they Let Him Write Me a Letter and They took his picture to Mail to me! I WaS EXACT-IC! i miss him SOOOO much But the First thIng He Wrote was " Im @ My FIrst week of Church out HEre and THey are taking Great Care of Me and the people Here @ the Branch are really Nice!!!!!" I Honestly was taking tut to the BAThroom and i Started to Ball right Outside on the POrch! I am so glad That someone is Watching Over Him WHen Im NOt there and it giVes him Some Comfort to KNow He Has Some "famIly" there! AND LOok How CuTE He IS!

WEll Lets Get StaRted On Easter Bring ON The EgGs...

ButtEr and toAst...

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