Thursday, April 21, 2011

A lot has Happened since we last spoke...

Sorry Guys my life went like a tornado...i feel like i have whiplash...

FIRST PIECE OF EXCITING NEWS if you didnt already know...
Yes Lance Joined the Army and he is in boot camp right now in LynWood, Missouri!
His graduation will be @ the end of June and w
e all excited to be going to that!
He will then go to Gordon, Georgia to complete his job training and we will move wherever he tells us tooo! (super excited for this day to come!)

SECONDLY TUT and I are Living in the Beautiful Sunny State of CALIFORNIA once again and i am so GLAd i do not have to Face this torment of being away from Lance Alone... and tut hes enjoying all the evening snacks from Grandma Card...

THIRD! Im working @ Nordstrom Santa Anita as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier and i love it...Nordys TOTALLY Different world i mean could not be any more oposite end of the planet and Harder i might add but so rewarding! So HappY!

Fourth...Working on Having a Baby...Loosing Weight Eating Fresh and Getting Ready for that next Step in our Live
s! Work it ouT! Im already Surprised every time i step on that scale!

Thats a Lot of NewNESS going on in our lives but we are so happy and totally moving in a different direction and i could not be happier...Being away from lance Makes me once again fall in love with lance all over again...and makes me feel like
I MARRIED THE BEST GUY IN THE WORLD! So Proud of him! So Proud of TUT ( He is really having a super hard tim
e...) So Proud of me... i have not totally lost it yet...besides the Occasional breakdown time and again...

The HARDEST part is not being able to talk to him EVER! Man that sucks! During boot camp there is NO COMMUNICATION! No PHONES, NO INTERNET, NO NOTHING but written letters and let me tell you they take too long to get here! BUt if we can do this we can do ANYTHING!

Love you PEACHES!
I promise im going to post REGULARLY Again..NOW!



  1. I am glad to get an update from you. Congrats on being an army wife. It sounds like you're handling it very well so that's great. I wish you the best as you get ready for a baby too :)

  2. Wow. . . an army wife! Loved your post. So fun to be able to see what is going on in your young lives. Wishing you always the very best! :)