Wednesday, October 20, 2010

whats on your list?

ONLY 65 days until Christmas!
Whats on your list!
I usually don't come up with one until on a whim this year
ive thought it out, and i want only practical choices this year!

1. Sewing Machine
big plans!

2.California Republic Flags...
ive got BIG plans for these babies...
and ive been thinking of it a lot...
hint has to use the sewing machine with it...

3. Todd English "Green Pans"

Top reviews and a lifetime guarantee....ugh yes please.
i promise you will eat lots more yummy things lance!

4. Cuisinart Food Processor

PLEASE! ive been asking for this since our first year being married!
i need one! my mom taught me how to cook with this...
its all i know and its all i ever wanna use!

5. Guitar Lessons....
I am bound a determined to learn so i can sing to my kids @ night!
don't judge...i can do it...
and my dad really needs me too so he can say
at least one of his kids can play music.

I'm pretty excited about all the "adult" choices ive asked for this year!
Since every year i ask for stuff like DVD seasons this is pretty exciting for me!

But really i'm Anxious....



  1. I want tickets to Disneyland. For real. That's all. I want to take my child SO BADLY... I dream about it daily. HAHA Pretty Pathetic that I'm so poor.

    I love sewing!!! :) :) It's my new favorite hobby. And did you get my comment on your dog hat? I really could make your doggies matching hats if you'd like!

  2. What are you doing with the Cali flag?! I'm obvi obsessed with everything Cali! Let me in on the info :)

  3. Coleen my wish is that you get all that you wish for!!!

  4. awww i love that answer! i really do that ones going in my back pocket for a rainy day!

    Laura! im making a quilt for my guest room and matching drapes! its going to be soo soo cute our whole guest room/ office is cali inspired!

  5. I can play music...I just choose not to. Why don't you just pick up the trumpet again like old times?

  6. dad wrote the fingers down for me on the was pathetic...i never really learned how.

  7. i PAD that's all I will say. Colleen i'll teach you to play the guitar. This week I've been learning Viva La Vida by coldplay Luci and Zoe love it when i play. Zoe dances Luci smiles. I think it's a great plan. My advice don't give up when your callusing your finger tips, it hurts like no other but it only takes three days to build them and then your finding yourself playing for hours.