Saturday, October 2, 2010

tut made himself a snack...

So lance came home from his break at work and heard a certain chewing noise coming from under the coffee table. this is usual in our home...its tut chewing on a bone...well the noise sounded somewhat crunchy so lance bent over and saw tut kn-awing on a full potato WHAT THE HELL! so lances next job was to find the source of where he got the potato! so lance heads into the kitchen and there it is our 10 pound bag of potato's sitting on the floor with a giant hole in the middle of the bag! TUT RIPPED OPEN THE BAG OF POTATOES and helped himself! What can i say my baby is extremely self sufficient ,and has a liking for starchy foods! hopefully he will not be throwing up all night like he did when we gave him a cupcake for his birthday! LOL!

sorry mr. potato head!
i dont know how many of you he got to before we found them!


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