Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cast Away...

If you were stuck on a island what would you have to have with you? HERES MY MUST HAVES!

1. dUH...THEM...have to have them.
2. Seriously this is by far the first thing i think about im not kidding. i would DIE. Without it.
3. I dont trust lance enough to make fire out of sticks. i do trust him with other things.
plus i don't want lance to be mad i did not bring anything for "US..."LOL!
4. How misserable would it be to be cold? Hell no.
5. THese are a MUST. I wear some every day off and i would die without them, in the jungle.

6. Portable TV...dont judge ur just mad you did not think of it first!
7. Just cause im on an island...im not speeding up the aging process. thanks. you know im going to be on t.v. when they find me.

8. Lets be honest my hair is curly this can only be a good thing.
9. Well im going to say this is important. goose feathers perhaps?
10. I would still like to be married when i get off the island.

If you were stranded on a island what would you want with you? NO JUDGMENT LETS GET HONEST HERE.

Love Love...Colee!


  1. Condoms cause lets face it you would not want to be pregnant on an island let alone give birth. Yikes no epidural AWWWWEEEE.