Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The greatest thoughts are your own....

Personal Confidence= Personal Style
WHen you think about yourself what do you think of? What kind of person are you? What kind of person do you want to be? Are you living up to that? Why do most of us feel the need to meet others expectations? Is it to fit in? To be liked? OR simply to please those around us? I think for me most of my life i have cared so much of what others thought of me and i really don't believe that will ever change. But i know one thing for sure i kinda like myself and some times i get the reaction of why...you have so much you could work on so much you could change. Yes, there is many things i could do differently but i think the thing that i like most is that i think i'm unique i have grown into the person who likes to stand out and not follow everything that everyone else does to be different without being "weird" just my own. When you think of your personal style what makes your daily routine YOU? It does not have to be something as unique as i always wear pink lipstick or i always throw a headband in my hair it can be as simple i always have a smile on my face. I think one of the most important things in someones life is finding what works for them in every aspect in their life i know that the life i live now will be totally different than the life i live when i have kids. For example i probably will never be the kind of person that does not wear makeup or does not go shopping for myself but i probably will not spend as much time deciding which accessory is going to set me apart that day. Some may say "how shallow" or lame or whatever but if it brings you happiness then i say DO IT FOR YOU. To many adults stop thinking of themselves and yes i know i don't have kids but i do think you have to do what makes you happy within reason. So i say wear those tall boots if they make you happy who cares whos gonna judge you as long as your happy with yourself and you feel confidence that will radiate and others will start to do the same around you.

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